About Us

CSC Upshot Ventures, managed by Hone Capital (a subsidiary of the CSC Group) and Upshot Ventures, is an early stage venture fund focusing on providing seed capital to technology companies at scale. In close partnership with AngelList, Hone Capital and Upshot Ventures build a new model of venture investing based on the needs of founders, investors and startup communities.

Our Model

We redesign the way investors work with founders at the earliest stage by leveraging the emerging vibrant operator angel ecosystem on AngelList. We partner with a vast network of trusted experts, who are founder friendly, to work with companies seeking seed capital. We provide the right amount of capital to help founders build investor syndicates with the right set of expertise and support.

Our Platform

Our platform: The CSC Group is the primarily sponsor of our capital with participation from Baidu and others. When our companies are ready to access the Asia market, we have the investor base to help and guide the process.